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Horizontal Type 3D Measuring Instruments with ARM CNC System / Attachment(Layout Machine, Vectorarm)

Three-axis head

Three-axis head

The precision triaxial head allows you to set the non-contact/contact probes to a posture at a desired angle.

The 3rd axis on the apex of the triaxial head selects the optimum direction of the laser line light when the non-contact probe is used. This ensures high precision measurement. With the contact probe, it is possible to rotate the L-type probe, reducing the number of required probes and the frequency of probe replacements.

With the stepless rotation mechanism, you can easily register several contact probes in a short time. (The precision triaxial head enables measurements at any position with several registrations, even when a new probe is created.)

L-Scan CNC System
Stroke Arm axis: 1500mm
Base axis: 6000mm
Column axis: 2700mm
Rotation angle HA axis: 0°- +180°
HBHC axis: 0°- +150°
HC axis: 0°- ±180°
Rotation speed Each axis:30°/second
Speed JS mode: 0 - 6,000mm/min
CNC mode: 0 - 12,000mm/minn
Search mode: 0 - 600mm/min
PrecisionU3: 35+35L/1000[μm]

Probe head(PH-10)

High torque motor head capable of positioning in 720 direction.
The motorized probe head position the probe angle in 720 direction with a high reproducibility.
Since a 300 m extension bar and 450 mm carbon extension bar can be used, it is easy to access workpieces difficult to measure. (Note: Use of a 450 mm extension bar slightly decreases precision)
Link with the auto probe charger (ACR1 (8 stations) or ACR3 (4 stations) and selection of a probe well suited to measurement will improve work efficiency.