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Horizontal Type 3D Measuring Instruments with Arm CNC System / Typical System Configuration(Layout Machine, Vectorarm)

Layout Machine G CNC System

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Layout Machine G CNC System

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Laymatic CNC system (Multix) operates without postprocessor, in DMIS that is the standard programming language for 3D measurement device.
Typical measurement subjects are mechanical parts, jigs and plate-work parts. This machine is designed on the basis of experience in measurement for long years, especially suited to plate-work parts, provided as a standard feature with a macro that executes reference measurement (by measuring in advance bent, etc. of the plate, the measurement sequence is changed), and capable of accurately measuring parts even if deformed (spring-back, for example). Moreover, even if misalignment of holes occurs, the search function works to run the automatic measurement program. The edit mode enables you to perform reverse feed, insertion and change of the part program as you desire. This function makes it possible to easily make program by teaching, change and correct the program prepared by CAT.
The joy stick supports three coordinate systems, mechanical, work and probe. This feature ensures high degree of freedom in control of the measurement machine.
With the override control, you can freely change the speed of the measurement machine while a part program is running; slow in a pats where a risk is anticipated, and rapid in the other pathes.

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Machine Body Attachments Options Layout Machine G Model Probe head (RH-10) Renishaw probe changer