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Horizontal Type 3D Measuring Instruments ARM (Layout Machine,VECTORARMM)

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This Layout Machine is a 3D orthogonal measurement instrument of cantilever type, as unique scriber, which is highly evaluated in various industrial sectors, including automobile industry.
The line-up of this machine includes a variety of 3D measurements, ranging from contact type with touch probe to non-contact measurements laser-sensor based type as well as from manual type to automatic type (CNC), and is proposed for various customer needs in light of specifications in accuracy and work size.
Vectoron of high portability, composed of six articulation axes, is a multi-joint arm type measurement instrument that is able to move very freely. Vectoron also is proposed in various types tailored for various kinds of work sizes and specifications, including contact measurement, non-contact measurement, etc.

Manual Systems CNC System VECTORARM

Non-Contact Measurement Instruments

Clay Model Milling Machines


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The non-contact type measurement instrument is a system of high precision that is able to gain many measurement points as densely arranged as possible. Excellent in portability, the machine can be used on the sidelines of a workpiece and excellent in versatile uses from reverse engineering to CAT, CAE and CG, by combining a wide spectrum of data treatment software.
The system comes in as CCD type (COMET), Laser Type (Leica T-Scan), digital camera type (DPA-Pro), accommodating the client's measurement needs of high accuracy, high speed, and measurement of large and small workpieces.


In the process of fabricating a model in the design studio, this machine exhibits an substantial NC fabrication ability allowing shortening of surface dressing time, with simplified step setting and easy operation.
The lineup of this machine is light in weight and easily portable, and features high portability from base plate to base plate, and, features high rigidity suitable for fabricating a resin model. It comes in as a stationary type and automatic responding type.
Combining with a CLAYCAM and a laser sensor, it may represent itself as a total system, able to perform in a reduced time the tasks of model measurement, NC data compiling and fabrication.

    Software for inspection and reverse engineering

In combination with a non-contact measurement system, this software may visualize the measurement data, CAD data and geometry/size inspection data to shorten the process.
Comparison of measurement data enables process capability management to offer various kinds of functions.

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PolyWorks Inspector, spGauge, Imageware

In the process of reverse engineering, it generates a NURBS curved surface from measurement data to feed back to CAD/CAM/CAE. The system finds uses in taking a mock-up design curved surface into CAD, for mold correction and physical model analysis.

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Geomagic Studio, PolyWorks Modeler