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Horizontal Type 3D Measuring Instruments with ARM Manual System(Layout Machine,Vectorarm)

This is a unique orthogonal 3D measurement machine, dedicated for dimension measurement and marking, which has been widely used in automobile and other industries.
Not only contact measurement with a touch probe but also non-contact measurement with laser sensor are enabled manually or with motor driving.
We are ready to propose various systems to the specifications you needs, such as precision and work size

Typical System Configurations

Layout Machine E mode Laymatic-PRO IILayout Machine J mode Laymatic-MEGA2Layout Machine F mode Laymatic-VIEW

List of Products

Machine body

Attachment/Sensors, drills and other accessories attachable to the main unit according to the purpose.


Digital Processer/This is a unit to make data treatment, such as coordinate accounts and calculation of elements.

Options/A wide range of options that increase working efficiency are available.