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Horizontal Type 3D Measuring Instruments with ARM Manual System / Typical System Configuration(Layout Machine, Vectorarm)

L-SCAN (non-contact sensor)

L-SCAN non-contact sensor/A

The compact lightweight laser scan type non-contact optical sensor ″L-SCAN″ features the widest measurement range among scanners mountable on the CMM, for high-density point group measurements. In addition, since this sensor is hardly affected by panel gloss or coating color, no preparation is necessary, such as powdering before measurement. This instrument enables output from high density point group data measured to the CAD system and polygon output.

SNC (simple motor drive) under development

With a motor drive is installed on the layout machine, you can operate the machine by remote control. Measurement of large-size workpieces can be performed by only one person, conventionally done by two persons in an elevated work position. On top of it, this drive allows jobs near the measurement point, thereby reducing human error in measurements.


Carriage specifically designed for the layout machine.
For easy transport of the layout machine from a frame to another frame, and from a studio to another studio.