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Clay Model Milling Machines/Attachment

CA-7 Sensor (CA-7D sensor and CA-7F sensor)

CA-7 Sensor (CA-7D sensor and CA-7F sensor)

CA-7 sensor is an electric signaling probe for the digital processor-mounted layout machine: by making the needle point contact a workpiece, it is possible to retrieve the data of coordinates at this point.Unlike other probes, CA-7 is able to make measurements with a smaller measurement pressure, with negligible measurement errors due to fluctuations in measurement pressure and no flaw on the workpiece.Use of this model is recommendable for measurement of objects of soft material such as clay model (This image represents a CA-7 sensor.)

Free angle probe

Free angle probe

<Movement of the free angle probe>
By rotating two links of the free angle probe, it is possible to set the probe in any direction in the 90 degree conical angle.

The free-angle probe is capable of measurement from any angle without changing the coordinates of the layout machine, when measuring by the sensor and the measurement needle.
This arrangement allows removing origin presetting when changing the posture to attain further improvement in performance. Once origin presetting is made, measurement on almost all faces becomes possible. Precision restoring also is easy with the alignment tool.

Able to set the probe in any direction within the 90 degree conical direction by rotation of two links.

Easy to restore the precision with the adjustment tool.

Each driving section is made of special structure, and excellent in precision stability and anti-friction.

The probe, weighting approximately 950 (light weight), exerts almost no effect on the machine.

The customer has the possibility of measuring the points any conventional method cannot reach.