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Clay Model Milling Machines/Option


CLAY CAM at high speeds treats the surface data and polygon data (STL) by the CAM soft of simple and speedy operation that is tailored for processing of clay models.
Combination with a model processor enables significant time reduction and quality improvement.

Workpiece-reversing and lifting system

The frame housing a workpiece-reversing and lifting system is able to easily position the workpiece at the setting point or reverse it.

Handling of workpieces is possible up to the weight of 3.5 tons and to the stroke of 1600 mm to facilitate the working at a high position and low position.

The following are easy; lift the workpiece, change the jig and the position of the workpiece in height.

Able to turn the workpiece at steps of 45 degrees, and process the right and left side with a single processor by turning over the range of 180 degrees.

Carrier for portable mill system

Carrier for portable mill system

The electric power carrier is equipped with a tilting function, able to travel easily not only in the room and elevator, even at places with clearance limit.

Load: 500kg



The compact lightweight laser scan type non-contact optical sensor ″L-SCAN″ features the widest measurement range among scanners mountable on the CMM, for high-density point group measurements. In addition, since this sensor is hardly affected by panel gloss or coating color, no preparation is necessary, such as powdering before measurement. This instrument enables output from the data group of measured high density points to the CAD system as well as polygon output.