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Clay Model Milling Machines/System Configuration

Laymatic-5000V System

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Laymatic-5000V system is a horizontal type servo-motor-driven 3D machine that is tailored for processing of clay models and soft material models in the design sector of the automobile industry.
Motor power is carried by a rack & pinion system, able to elevate and descend the system promptly and control the axes correctly and rapidly.
The processing mode provides a possibility to process a curbed surface three-dimensionally according to NC processing information from CAD, with a high speed processing head that is optimized for soft materials.
Posture changing of the processing head is possible by the remote controller. In processing modes, the events are treated by ClayCAM posteriorly, which automatically generates a file describing tool posture, cutter's diameter, length and kinds.
Accordingly, you designate the file name of each unit of processing surface, and now by changing the tool's posture at the top of the file, it is possible to process other surface.
With this system, you can significantly reduce the time spending in the process of constructing models in the studio.

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With a new AAC processing head, automation and unmanning are made possible in a wider range. In addition, automatic calibration may gain a higher accuracy for processing of a higher reliability.

Equipped with a new type controller having a function of prediction control as well as that of treating fractions for moderately curved surfaces.

The prediction is a user friendly function dedicated for model measurement.

Adapted for design circumstances.

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