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Non-Contact Measurement Instruments/Leser Type

Optotrak T-Scan

Optotrak T-Scan is a hand-held system for non-contact 3D geometry measurement. You hold with one hand the laser sensor T-Scan that is not mechanically restrained, to project 90 mm wide laser light over the measuring subject, and move the sensor unit along the geometry of the subject. By so doing, this novel system rapidly measures complicated geometries. The tracking device Optotrak calculates in real time the position and tilt of the hand-held sensor. The measuring range is 6 m at maximum in radius from the tracking device, enabling accurate measurement of large workpieces. The laser sensor is hardly affected by the color or gloss of the surface to be measured. So powdering before measurement is not necessary. The dynamic reference function automatically corrects the relative position between the measuring subject and tracking device, reducing influence of vibrations during measurement and resulting in shorter setting-up time after the measuring range is enlarged by moving the tracking device.

Rapid geometry measurement with line laser light (about 7000 points/second).
Hand-held sensor not mechanically restrained, for geometry measurement.
Its wide measuring range (up to 6 m) enables measurement of real-size cars.
Hardly affected by the color or gloss of the surface to be measured, eliminating powdering before measurement.
The system can be freely moved. So you can make measurements anywhere.
Accessory touch probe also enables contact measurement.
Applicable for diversified areas including automobiles, aircraft, heavy electric machineries, and electric home appliances.
Specification of the sensor of T-Scan
Measurement range (depth) 75 mm
Scanning width 90 mm
Focal distance (average) 83 mm
Sampling rate 10 KHz
Scanning frequency 10 - 140 Hz
Point spacing on the scanning line 0.14 - 1.96 mm
Outer dimensions of the sensor 185×100×145 mm
Weight of the sensor 1500 g
Laser class 2
Laser type Diode
Wavelength 670 nm
Optotrak Pro 2000 Measurement range
  Specification of the tracking device of OptotraK
Type Certus Optotrak Pro1000 Optotrak Pro2000
Measurement range 2 - 5 m 1.5 - 4.5 m 1.5 - 6 m
Outer dimensions of the device (mm) 1126 × 200 × 161 1126 × 200 × 161 1126 × 200 × 161
Weight 18 kg About 19 kg About 19 kg
Developed by Steinbichler Optotechnik, Germany steinbichler