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Non-Contact Measurement Instruments/Leser Type

ABIS System

System able to detect defects on the surface, simply, speedily and with no skill.

Optical Surface Inspection Systems-ABIS is capable of automatically measuring and detecting various kinds of defects and deformations on the white automobile body which, in usual cases, are extremely difficult to find. Discovery of them before entering the painting phase may eliminate extra cost burdens. By quantification of defects that are recognized by human eyes, the analysis data are outputted immediately from the database, allowing rating the defects which hitherto depends upon human insight.

By projecting a fringe on the panel, inspection of defects and torsions can be detected without any effect from the environment, by the use of a CCD camera to immediately gain striped patterns.
ABIS   Specifications
Exposure time 0.1 m sec
Focus distance 432 mm
Number of grids 400 pieces
CCD camera 200 million pixels
Measurement scope 220 mm × 300 mm (per camera)
Measurable defect size 1.5 mm wide/10 microns in depth (This size may change slightly along with the form of a defect and the material quality of a panel.)
<Lineup of ABIS system>
ABIS interactive system   ABIS interactive system
ABIS is set on the top of a tripod stand, and positioned manually according to the form of a panel, which allows inspecting and analyzing torsions of the panel surface.
ABIS robot off line   ABIS robot off line
ABIS is set on the top of a tripod stand, and appropriately positioned according to the form of a panel, which allows securing higher precision and stability (supply to Audi and Daimler in Germany).
ABIS inline system   ABIS inline system
By setting several sensors on the robot and the inline of white bodies, etc., ABIS system detects all pieces full-automatically and more flexibly.
Developed by Steinbichler Optotechnik, Germany steinbichler