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Geomagic Studio

Geomagic Studio creates polygon/surface data easily in a short time from high-density scanned data of full-scale models.

Icon-based simple GUI.

Novel surface configuration creates a surface in a time one tenth compared with the conventional technique.

Ultimately easy operation not requiring surface creating skill.

Enabled for a wide variety of data formats.

Main applications

Point cloud processing.
Alignment of divided measurement point clouds, decimation, noise elimination, point cloud hole filling, scan line interpolation.

Polygon hole filling, boundary correction,Reduction of polygon number, noise elimination, boolean calculation, Calculation of volume/ centroid of polygons.

Automatic surface generation, Automatic extraction of characteristic curves and automatic arrangement of R end line, Automatic arrangement of control points optimum for positions concerned, Manual curved surface layout available.

Dveloped by Geomagic,U.S.A


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