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PolyWorks Modeler

This tool generates and edits high-quality polygon models from high-density point clouds obtained by a non-contact 3D geometry measurement instrument. PolyWorks Modeler is composed of several IMAlign-IMMerge-IMEdit modules.

ligns plural data based on different coordinate systems to the same coordinate system, rapidly and accurately.

Efficiently processes clouds of huge number of points to generate quality polygon models.

Generates polygon data for fabricating molds and clay models.

Generates polygon data for rapid prototyping.

Generates data for aerodynamic simulation and FEM analysis.

Generates polygons achieving high accuracy for geometry inspection.

Visualization of architectures and cultural heritages.

Main functions

Combines measurement data such as grid data, line scan and sphere grid.

Generates polygon data for fabricating molds and clay models.

Smoothing of non-contact measurement point cloud and curvature-based decimation.

Various polygon edit (hole filling, offset, mirror, section).

Curve edit (trim, regeneration of sharp edge, fillet generation).

Polygon decimation maintaining characteristic geometry, with specified tolerance.

Extraction of high-quality character line, virtual intersection, tangent line.

Generates polygons for analyses (fluid analysis, FEM analysis).

Adjusting the aspect ratio of triangle, to correct it to an equilateral triagle.

Calculates area and volume from polygons.

NURBS surfacing.

Dveloped by InnovMetric, Canada


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